Three announcements including the introducion of iOS application

1. We are happy to announce that our iOS app is released.

You can enable Bookmark.house extension button in iOS Share Menu. This will make saving pages to Bookmark.house easy from Safari and other apps.

If you are using iPad, while opening Safari you can display Bookmark.house app with Slide Over and quickly access the saved bookmarks.

We hope you will use our iOS app.

2. We have received reports that mails sent from support@bookmark.house and info@bookmark.house are classified as spam mail. We apologize for any inconvenience, but please check your spam folder if you expected to receive mail from us.

3. You can now set your time zone on the setting page. Please set it according to your area of residence.


Our browser extension for macOS Safari

We are happy to announce that our browser extension for macOS Safari passed through Apple's review and published.


Our browser extensions

We're introducing that we published browser expansions to quickly save pages to Bookmark.house.
Extensions for Safari are currently under construction.


Bookmark.house Blog

On this blog, we will post updated information and announcement about our service Bookmark.house.